The Art of Seeing







The art of seeing

 The rule of two thirds

 Getting close

 Isolating the object


How to photograph

How a camera works

Choosing lenses

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Looking at pictures from different photographers, you are sometimes curious as to the difference between a picture that really stands out from the rest and other pictures. Sometimes you wonder how the photographer could see that there where something hidden in the frame that makes this a interesting and attractive picture. That is the "Art of Seeing".

There are more than being in the right place at the right time.. There are some simple guidelines to help you make the most of your picture. The guide lines are not "Laws" that must be obeyed, just pointers that could help you make the most out of the picture you're trying to take.

What I want to do is to find something that makes the eye catch on to the picture, one simple help is the "rule of two thirds and trying to find something isolating the subject you're depicting or geometrical shape that adds to the picture.







Henrik Robeck 21 March 2007