The mountains of Crete


When the ancient Greeks arrived by ship to the island of Crete the mountains that towers tall over the island gives the island an unique siluette. Maybe it's not so hard to realize why the Greek's thought Crete was the birthplace of Zeus, the god of gods.
I decided to rent a car and take a trip up to mount Psiloritas, the cave where Rhea gave birth to Zeus. 


The roads are narrow and have seldom any railing protecting you from driving over the edge of the road.
This is also the place where Zeus took the young maiden who he cunningly lured, her name was Europe, so in a sense this is the start of the entire Europe, at least to name. 


It is difficult to gauge by the pictures but sometimes you're really shaken by the close calls you have when meeting someone at the narrow roads and the depths of the ravines.


This picture is taken close to the peak of the highest mountain range. The reservoir is used for irrigation.


There are several villages on the way up to the top of the mountains. Prepare for ludicrate amount of trafic in a small part of the mountain. It seems like you take the car if you have to go 150 to 250 meters. But the view from some of the restaurants and places are rewarding.


Must be a popular tavern, judging by the view from the terrace. I didn't have time to eat though, I wanted to avoid driving in the dark.

A small church in one the villages on the way to mount Psiloritas. A haven.


The Crete inhabitants according to myths, was told by the Rhea, the mother of Zeus, to party as much as possible to make enough noice and racket to overpower the sounds of the infant Zeus. Otherwise the cruel father of Zeus; Chronos, might hear the sounds of the crying baby Zeus and divour him just like his sibblings. That is the reason for the Cretans partying as often as possible.
A last look at the mountains in Crete. 


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