This page I dedicate to Ferenc Göndör, and all those who have died or survived the horrors of the holocaust in concentration camps and other places during 1933-1945. Ferenc Göndör held a lecture for my class at the Naval war college, where he told us about his experience when he came to Auschwitz as a boy of 16 years and how he survived the tragedies of the concentration camp.

Ferenc story chills your bones and made me cry.. He also wrote a book about his ordeal. "A6171- ett judisk levnadsöde" (A6171 - a jewish destiny) is written by Ferenc Göndör about a young boy whose destiny collides with Auschwitz. No other member of his family survived.

It has been said that it is the doom of men that they forget. And he who forgets our history and legacies of what has been, is doomed to repeat the same mistakes.

So, we must all remember what has passed, to make sure that history never repeats itself. And this is not the first time an entire people has been incarcerated in camps..

In Sweden the government has made sure that the book "...Om detta må ni berätta.." (.. and this story you may speak of..) is available for free for all schools and public institutions. The book is a compilation of the stories from several of the survivers from all the different concentration camps and places for the holocaust.


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Henrik W. Robeck


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