To photograph means to paint with light.

The first cameras, called camera obscura, where mere toys of amusement that was used to draw the inverted pictures shown on the opposite wall of the box.

A frenchmen called Niepcé was able to develop a method to fix these images on light sensitive asphalt plates. This was the start of the modern photography. From the beginning there was no lens used in the camera, just the hole in the box. Soon enough a lens was added, a so called menisk. Although this lens which was just one single piece of glass, had all the optical flaws existing in a lens, it was still a dramatical improvement in optical quality.

To correct the inherent optical flaws and distorsion of the lens, the design of the lenses was improved by adding several pieces of glass with different refractive indexes and shape.

Using a high quality lens is of the highest importance if you want to achieve a sharp image on the photograph . You can choose cameras and lenses from any number of brand. Any one of the big camera manufactorers are excellent choices. Choose freely from makers like Minolta, Canon, Leica, Nikon, Pentax.

When choosing a camera that suites your needs, first try out the camera and base your decision on the feel of the camera and from the test results in magazines rather than the imposing brand name. Consider also the cost of extra equipment from some brands of cameras.


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