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To take pictures you need a camera. Today, digital cameras are increasingly popular. However a camera like a SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera for chemical film have some advantages. The latency of contrast and exposure and the high sharpness of the film, especially slide film, is unsurpassed yet.
My favorite tool for taking pictures are Minolta cameras. Minolta has combined both high standards of technical qualities and superior handling. Minoltas lenses, weather it says Rokkor or not, are of the highest quality as well.  

Here is an introduction to Minoltas equipment, both cameras and lenses of the manual SLR family and the auto focus SLR cameras.

Minolta started making cameras in 1928 under the name nichidokushashinkishoten (Japanese-German camera vendor)
and in 1931 the brand name became MINOLTA (Machinery and
INstruments OpticaL by TAshima).

Minolta has been in the forefront of technological development, being the first Japanese camera maker to produce a range coupled range finder camera in 1937. More recently Minolta introduced the worlds first auto focus single lens reflex camera that revolutionized the photography in 1985.

As one of the few companies capable of manufacturing their own optical glass in the world, Minolta introduced as early as 1946 the first coated lens made in Japan.






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